The Smart Card Solution

Smart card is a shield against counterfeiting and is a strategic arm for the expansion of capabilities and services.
JCB is working towards an efficient migration to smart cards in alliance
with our partners worldwide to ensure that JCB cardmembers may take advantage of the high level of security
and multi-functionalities that smart card technology offers.

A High Level of Security
and Multi-functionalities

A High Level of Security and Multi-functionalities

The smart card is embedded with an IC (Integrated Circuit) chip. The computing function of the IC chip provides security and multi-functionality enabling new services that conventional credit cards cannot.

Provide Diverse Services

Provide Diverse Services

The smart card's unique computing functions and large memory capacity make it possible for a single card to perform a wide range of functions going beyond payment and financial services such as credit or cash advances to include ETC (electronic toll collection), loyalty programs, public transport fare payment and E-purse.
JCB is committed to making the most of its smart card expertise to provide a wide variety of services over and above credit payment to meet the demands of our customers.

JCB's Smart Card
Transaction Specifications

JCB's Smart Card Transaction Specifications

As an international payment brand, JCB has designed its own J/Smart™ credit application which is compliant with ISO 7816 standard and EMV Specification.

ISO7816 compliant

ISO7816 compliant

  • -

    IC chip contact points

  • -

    Card size

  • -

    File structure

  • -

    Command/Security data conversion method

ISO7816(*1) is to define basic parts the contact smart card without regard to specific applications.

  1. *1

    ISO=International Organization for Standardization

EMV Specification(*2) compliant

EMV Specification compliant

  • -

    De facto standard of smart card transactions for credit/debit card payments.

  • -

    Specification with financial transaction functions in addition to ISO7816 base specification.

  • -

    Defining minimum requirements.

  • -

    Ensuring compatibility of fundamentals of financial transactions.

  1. *2

    EMV Specification is a set of international specifications for smart card transaction processing defined by EMVCo.


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