About IC Terminals

About IC Terminals

An IC terminal is either a POS or ATM terminal which is capable of secure IC JCB card
acceptance and IC transaction processing.

Contact and Contactless IC terminals provide secure and seamless transactions on traditional
POS devices, to newer models such as Tap-On-Mobile and Transit.

Payment users value the peace of mind created by using proven and interoperable
technology that authenticates and secures their data.

Certification of IC Terminals

Prior to deployment testing (Level 3), which checks that integration has been successful, JCB requires Acquirers to use any IC terminals that have undergone validation testing (Level 1 and Level 2) in accordance with the EMVCo standards.

In conjunction with EMVCo specifications(R), JCB publishes its own proprietary IC terminal specifications for JCB Contactless (Level 2).

As shown below, in accordance with the specifications used for IC terminals, either JCB or EMVCo will issue its approval relating to the kernel function and processing related to IC card transactions (Level 2), and EMVCo will issue its approval relating to the terminal chip reader's mechanical and electrical compliance with EMV Chip Specification. (Level 1)

Contact Contactless
Level 1
(Chip Reader)
EMVCo Type Approval EMVCo Type Approval
Level 2
EMVCo Type Approval EMVCo Type Approval (when using C-5 specification)
JCB Contactless Type Approval (when using JCB proprietary specification)

JCB Contactless IC Terminal L2 Type Approval (*1)

The requirements and procedures for conducting JCB Contactless IC Terminal Type Approval are described in documents distributed by JCB after testers have agreed to JCB's pre-requisite terms and conditions.

Once distributed by JCB, please refer to the Type Approval documents. A Letter of Approval will be issued to testers whose terminals pass the tests.

The overall JCB Contactless L2 IC Terminal Type Approval process is as follows:

JCB Contactless IC Terminal L2 Type Approval

  1. *1

    C-5 certification is provided by EMVCo.

  2. *2

    Please contact the laboratory for further procedural information.

For Terminal Vendors

To receive JCB's initial documents related to JCB Contactless IC Terminal Type Approval, please contact us at the following email address with the required information (items 1 to 4 below).
JCB's response time is usually within 3 business days.


Information to be included:

1) Company Name:
2) Corporate Address (Including country):
3) Name of Applicant:
4) Email Address: