JCB Social
Media Policy

1 Background

The JCB Social Media Policy is intended to provide all directors and employees (collectively, “Employees”) of JCB Co., Ltd., and JCB International Co., Ltd. and its overseas subsidiaries (herein collectively, “JCB” or “we”) with a basic policy on their use of social media. Social media is a valuable, easy-to-use service and tool. However, using it in the wrong way not only may damage consumer confidence in JCB and the JCB brand image, but could even lower confidence so far as to endanger JCB’s existence as a company.

For the purpose of compliance, JCB has established the JCB Code of Conduct prescribing our basic concept for fulfilling corporate social responsibility, and based upon the JCB Code of Conduct, the JCB General Principles prescribing our guidelines for corporate and employee actions. The Social Media Policy is based on the JCB Code of Conduct and the JCB General Principles and sets out important considerations for Employees of JCB in their use of social media.

2 Social Media Policy

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Every Employee of JCB, regardless of his/her organizational unit or form of employment, will comply with all of the followings:

  1. 2.2

    To realize that what is said as a private person may be understood as spoken on behalf of JCB

  • To remember that he/she is an Employee of JCB and take care not to mislead his/her readers into thinking that he/she is speaking on behalf of JCB, whether or not he/she mentions to JCB in the post.

  • To avoid stating his/her personal opinions or views in a way that may be interpreted as a public statement made on behalf of JCB.

  1. 2.3

    Compliance with applicable laws and regulations and JCB regulations

To comply with laws and regulations, and JCB regulations, and not to infringe any intellectual property right or other right of others.

  1. 2.4

    To be honest and responsible

  • To be responsible for what he/she has posted.

  • To realize that his/her post may be seen by an unspecified large number of people and respect that readers may make their own individual interpretations on his/her post.

  • To be aware that highly emotional communication is very likely to prolong useless argument, increase misunderstanding and make the situation worse.

  • To respect the rights of the person he/she is posting about and the opinions of his/her readers.

  • Not to post anything that offends accepted social standards of decency.

  1. 2.5

    To respect the confidentiality of certain information

  • Not to post any personal or confidential business information about JCB or JCB stakeholders.

  • Not to post any information that is not publicly available and is learned in the course of his/her jobs.

  1. 2.6

    To realize that information once posted online cannot be deleted

To make a post upon the understanding that Information once posted online may be unable to completely delete and may be publicly available for a long time.

  1. 2.7

    To realize how fast information spreads online

To make a post upon the understanding that it is quite easy to copy and cite the information posted online and it may fast spread to other media.

3 To our customers and other users
of social media sites

  1. 3.1

    JCB’s public accounts

With respect to the JCB’s public accounts, please see the 「JCB Social Media Account List」.

JCB Social Media Account List

  1. 3.2

    Posting by other accounts

Please be aware that any post made by any Employee of JCB at other than the JCB’s public account is not necessarily a public statement or view of JCB.

September 25,2013