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JCB is here to strengthen your Businesses by providing convenient, cost-effective and secure ways for your customers to pay for your goods and services. Working closely with our growing network of merchants across the world we are seeking innovative ways to facilitate the growth of every type of Businesses, no matter what its size.

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JCB is the only international payment brand based in Japan.
We offer high-quality and value added products to benefit merchants globally.

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    “Cardmembers” includes other payment related products.

International Brands
Payment Network


JCB has built reciprocal relationships with other major international payment brands.
JCB cards are accepted in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada through our partnership with American Express, and in the U.S. through Discover Network.
We are continuing to strengthen our partnerships to provide further convenience for our cardmembers.

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Peace of mind for you
and your customer

Our approach is one of co-creation - listening
and responding to the ever-changing requirements of modern commerce
and the demand for better value in transaction processing.



As the speed and scope of payments increase, JCB constantly monitors the changes and challenges that we face in keeping our customers up to date with the international community with secure solutions.

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Marketing Support

Marketing Support

JCB provides a number of complementary marketing materials for merchants to enhance visibility of JCB card acceptance.

For Acquirer

JCB is a fast growing and dynamic global payment Businesses with an ever-growing range of products and an approach to the market that builds value, for both its cardmembers and Businesses partners.

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For Merchants

Holographic Magnetic Stripe
JCB will be expanding its issuance of holographic magnetic stripe JCB cards effective 2012.

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Download JCB Emblem
The JCB Emblem is for display by merchants that accept JCB cards. You can download the logo.

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