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Logo Agreement

The J/Secure™ Logo indicates that J/Secure™ compatibility,
which provides the most secure and reliable transactions to be performed on the Internet, has been implemented.
The Logo is a valuable asset and protection of its integrity is vital to its growth and intended use by JCB,
JCB online merchants who have implemented J/Secure™ compatibility, JCB Card issuers, acquirers and venders
who are involved in the development and/or implementation of J/Secure™, as well as any parties approved by JCB.

On Usage of J/Secure™ Logo

The following conditions are to be applied to usage of J/Secure™ logo. All parties entitled to use J/Secure™ logo are bound by the terms and conditions set forth below.

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    It may not display properly depending on your internet environment. Thank you for your understanding.

Terms and Conditions

  • The J/Secure™ logo shall only be used to indicate that you are a merchant compatible with J/Secure™, or to indicate that you are involved in the development and/or implementation of J/Secure™.

  • Display of the J/Secure™ logo does not automatically mean you are compatible with J/Secure™, or you are under a JCB merchant contract.

  • The logo border shall not be removed, nor shall any changes be made to any horizontal or vertical scale ratios, designs, colors or letters.

  • The logo shall not be used as a header or in the text.

  • If the logo is displayed next to another brand logo, it must not be displayed in a smaller size.

  • The logo shape must not be changed, nor should it be separated into parts.

  • In the case where the logo is laid out on a tinted print or patterned background, a blank space must be left open.

  • In the case where the logo is reduced in size, it must be ensured that the logo is not distorted, or any blurring is caused, and that the smaller size is sufficiently legible.

I agree to the Terms
and Conditions above