J/Secure™ FAQ for Merchants

Q1. What is J/Secure™?

J/Secure™ is a payer authentication service that makes internet transactions more secure. Cardmembers have to provide a password in addition to payment details at J/Secure™ participating merchants.

Q2. What are the merits of J/Secure™?

J/Secure™ prevents the risk of unauthorized use of a credit card at online shopping sites by means of password authentication. J/Secure™ improves reliability and increases sales by increasing cardmember confidence in shopping online.

Q3. How can I participate in J/Secure™?

To start using the J/Secure™ program, you must implement J/Secure™ Compliant Merchant Plug-in (MPI) software on your server. For additional information, please contact your Acquirer.

Q4. Is it possible to use other authentication services
provided by other payment schemes with J/Secure™?

J/Secure™ is compliant with 3-D Secure™. By implementing an MPI which is compatible with multiple payment schemes, you can offer authentication programs provided by other payment schemes, as long as their programs are compatible with the 3-D Secure standard. For more detailed information, please contact your Acquirer.

Q5. Is it possible for cardmembers
who have not enrolled in the J/Secure™ program yet
to use the payer authentication service?

They are not authenticated by J/Secure™.
However they can still shop at J/Secure™ participating merchants.

Q6. With the J/Secure™ program, will sales transactions
require more processing time than before?

Some additional processing such as password input can result in a longer processing time. Despite this, we have confirmed that those changes will not seriously affect the processing time.
Processing time may also vary depending on the usage conditions of your computers or those cardmembers use.