JCB Platinum Concierge Desk

Operators speaking multiple languages are available 24/365 for various information and reservations. One call for all the services you want and need, anywhere and anytime.

Telephone Number

(toll free for calls from Hong Kong)

(toll free for calls from Singapore)

(toll free for calls from China)

(toll free for calls from Korea)

(toll free for calls from Taiwan)

(toll free for calls from Indonesia)

(toll free for calls from Thailand)

(toll free for calls from Vietnam)

(toll free for calls from Philippines)

(toll free for calls from Austria)

(toll free for calls from Japan)

Please call this number if you cannot use the toll free number. You will have to pay the cost of the call.

81-3-6625-8378 (when calling from outside Japan)
03-6625-8378 (when calling from Japan)

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    Please note that telephone conversations may be recorded to improve quality of customer service.

Others countries and regions please contact JCB PLAZA Call Center (toll-free number)

JCB PLAZA Call Center

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    There may be problems with local telephone service in the area you are calling from.

Languages English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai
Office Hours Open 24hr/day
Closed on Open 365 days
Thai available 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM weekdays (Japan time) only.


  • This service is provided only for cardmembers whose JCB card was issued outside Japan.

  • When you call, your 16-digit JCB card number, expiration date and your name are required in order to check your identity.

  • For making reservations or checking your inquiry, your name, phone number and some other personal information may be needed and shared with JCB merchants and other related services.

  • We cannot intervene on your behalf to change or cancel reservations that you made directly.

  • This service is provided by BRICKS. Corporation.

  • Calls are recorded in order to improve the quality of our customer service.

  • JCB and BRICKS. Corporation have clear and strict regulations on the collection and protection of personal information.

  • This information is current as of February 2020. Services may change or be terminated without prior notice.

Services for Platinum Card Members

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JCB PLAZA Call Center

This service is provided as a place for our customers to call any time for various information such as travel information, special offer merchant information, reservation service and emergency assistance or help.

JCB PLAZA Call Center