Welcome to Our New JCB Global Site!

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  • Aug. 03, 2016

Thank you for visiting our website. We have added the new JCB global site as a portal to help you get to the specific site you want quickly and easily.

Features of the JCB global site

The JCB global site introduces a wide variety of JCB corporate information and services. At the same time we have also released a number of new regional sites for countries and regions where the JCB brand has a presence.

The new “.jcb” top level domain

The JCB global site is based on a universal design concept. The new top level domain “.jcb” is easy to understand and remember so that our customers can use our sites with greater peace of mind.

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    A top level domain is the rightmost portion of the site URL or e-mail address. JCB obtained the domain using the brand name “.jcb” in 2015. This domain can only be used by JCB, reducing the risk of counterfeiting or spoofing, and allowing customers to use our sites more safely.

The JCB global site and regional sites

NewJCB global sitehttps://www.global.jcb/
NewJCB Vietnam sitehttp://www.vn.jcb/
NewJCB Hong Kong sitehttp://www.hk.jcb/
NewJCB Indonesia sitehttp://www.id.jcb/
NewJCB Russia sitehttp://www.ru.jcb/
 JCB China sitehttp://www.jcbcard.cn/
 JCB Taiwan sitehttp://www.jcb.tw/
 JCB Korea sitehttp://www.jcbcard.kr/
 JCB Philippines sitehttp://ph.jcb/
 JCB Europe sitehttp://www.jcbeurope.eu/