JUL 14, 2020

JCB and Nexi in partnership to increase security for international e-commerce spend.

July 14, 2020

Rome // Tokyo - 14 July 2020


  • Nexi has become the first payment provider to acquire JCB's online security protocol in Europe, which will strengthen global transactions between Asian-Pacific buyers and luxury Italian e-commerce brands.

  • JCB's J/Secure(TM) 2.0 is compliant with the EMV(R) 3-D Secure Protocol and Core Functions Specification and protects cardmembers from identity theft and security fraud when buying online.

  • JCB is one of the top 10 B2C e-commerce market players, and forecasts indicate that Asia-Pacific region will be one of the fastest growing regions for transactions towards 2025.


Nexi and JCB have collaborated to reduce the stress of social distancing and travel restrictions caused by the recent healthcare emergency by making it easier for merchants to ‘get close' to their customers - specifically Asian-Pacific buyers - by securely facilitating online payments.

J/Secure(TM) 2.0, which is JCB's payment authentication programme, will enable safe online shopping from a merchant's website, or mobile application and will be live for the first time in Europe. It will be available to JCB's 140+ million cardmembers, while they check out virtually from their favourite Italian brand.

Dirk Pinamonti , Head of ecommerce di Nexi comments, “introducing J/Secure(TM) 2.0 to our platform is yet another step toward furthering our commitment to evolve security measures and further pave the way to enable more innovative measures with payment partners, with an international profile, in Italy. This hi-tech JCB technology will safeguard the global online shopping experience at such a critical time - when travelling into Italy and Europe to purchase luxury items may not otherwise be an option.”

J/Secure(TM) 2.0 is compliant with the EMV(R) 3-D Secure Protocol and Core Functions Specification and protects cardmembers from identity deception. It will also act as a major gateway into Asia for high-value Italian merchants wanting to expand their customer base across geographical borders and to ‘virtual' tourists.

Mr. Tsuyoshi Notani, Managing Director, JCB International (Europe) Ltd., adds, “the payment industry is fulfilling an increasingly important role in the economic development of an uncertain era, where diversifying the way in which we meet customer needs is essential. This partnership with Nexi has enabled JCB to use our advanced technologies to find an innovative way to open the door for the increased exchange of global e-commerce transactions between Europe and our 140+ million cardmembers. Though the SCA compliant deadline was postponed to June 2021 by EU authorities, the secured e-commerce is consumer demand and emerging in the current age. This initiative with NEXI, a European scale payment leader, can drive Asian consumer spending, including mobile payment, at Italian merchants, which will be followed by European merchants. We are proud to commence it together with NEXI, and overcome challenges under the recent severe situation.”

About EMV(R)
EMV(R) is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries and an unregistered trademark elsewhere. The EMV trademark is owned by EMVCo.

About NEXI

Nexi is the leading PayTech company in Italy, listed on MTA of Borsa Italiana. They operate in strong partnership with 150 partner banks. Nexi's integrated end-to-end omni-channel technology connects banks, merchants and consumers enabling digital payments. They help simplify payments for their clients and digitalise the Italian economy. Nexi operates in three market areas: Merchant Services & Solutions, Cards & Digital Payments and Digital Banking Solutions.