JCB PLAZA Call Center
— toll-free service

This service is provided as a place for our customers to call any time
for various information such as travel information, special offer merchant information,
reservation service and emergency assistance or help.

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    Available in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

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    This service not available for JCB Prepaid cardmembers.


24 hr/day

Service details

  • Travel information
    Hotel, restaurant, taxi and various ticket information or reservation

  • Emergency assistance
    Loss of JCB credit card or passport

  • Other
    Information about local police, medical facilities and insurance companies in the event of an accident or any other problem
    Guidance and support in regard to any other emergencies while abroad.


  • 16-digit JCB card number, expiration date and your name are necessary to make your call and check your identity.

  • For the restaurant, hotel and other related services-booking, your name, your phone number and some other personal information may be needed.

  • This service is provided by JTB Global Assistance.

  • To improve the quality of customer service we will make a recording of the call.

  • JCB and JTB Global Assistance have clear and strict regulations on the collection and protection of personal information.

JCB PLAZA Call Center (list of toll-free numbers)

Please call this number if you cannot use the toll free number.
You will have to pay the cost of the call.

+81-3-3865-5486 (toll number)