JCB Platinum Airport
Lounge Service

JCB offers a comfortable service to all JCB Platinum members, except for cards issued in Japan.

JCB offers LoungeKey™ services (for lounges outside of Japan and Hawaii) and airport lounge services for Japan and Hawaii. Please see below for more information about these services.

LoungeKey™ Services

Due to Novel Covid-19 Coronavirus, airport lounges may have been closed temporarily or changed their operations. Please check the latest information with the following link.

Temporary closure of airport lounges due to the new coronavirus

Please make sure to tell the staff at the lounge entrance that you would like to use the LoungeKey™ service.

Service details

All JCB Platinum cardmembers can use the LoungeKey™ service at JCB-selected lounges (except for cards issued in Japan). Sit back and relax before your departure.

You can use JCB-selected lounges for free up to twice a year per JCB Platinum Card.

Please note that you will be charged USD 32 per head for accompanying guests and exceeding the free usage limitation.

This privilege only applies to JCB Platinum cardmembers and cannot be transferred to others.

Note: Terms and conditions of use will vary depending on your card.

(January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020)

What is LoungeKey™?

LoungeKey™ is a service that provides you access to airport lounges. Simply inform the lounge staff that you want to use "LoungeKey" and show your boarding pass together with your JCB Platinum card.

Food, drink and internet are also available.

Note: Services provided in each lounge may differ.

Note: Some services will be charged.

Using LoungeKey™

  • Please inform the lounge staff that you want to use "LoungeKey" and show your boarding pass together with your JCB Platinum card.

  • Your boarding pass or flight ticket must be in the same name as your card.

  • When using one of the complimentary lounges, a credit limit of USD 1 will be held to verify that your card is valid.

  • This will be released after the end of the issuer hold period (the hold period is determined by the issuer)

  • If you are using a debit card, a payment of USD 1 will be withdrawn from your bank account. This will then be refunded afterwards.

  • This service is administered entirely by LoungeKey. Read the Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy below before using the service.

Conditions of Use for the LoungeKey™ Service

Privacy Policy for the LoungeKey™ Service

  • JCB Platinum members with cards issued in Austria (German)

Privacy Policy for LoungeKey™ Service

  • JCB Platinum members with cards issued in Bangladesh (Bengali)

Privacy Policy for LoungeKey™ Service(527KB)


  • Some lounges may be inaccessible when at full capacity.

  • We will not be able to warn customers of time restrictions, changes to business hours, etc., in advance.

  • Please be aware that if you have exceeded the number of times you can use a lounge for free, your card will be charged USD 32 at a later date.

  • Instances in which customers exceed their allotted free visit time, or use lounges both before departure and at a connecting airport on the same journey, will each be counted individually.

  • There are several lounges at each airport. Please contact LoungeKey™ customer support below before your visit to check which lounges are subject to JCB free services.
    (The airport lounge staff may not be able to advise you.)

  • Before using the lounge, please check lounge information and how many times your card has been used by contacting LoungeKey™ Customer Support either by e-mail or phone.
    Telephone support:
    Available in English 24 hours a day, 7 days a week year-round on any of the following numbers.
    Available in Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean 8:30AM - 7:00PM Hong Kong local time (Monday-Friday).
    London: +44 (0) 208 865 0764 (Available language: English)
    Hong Kong: +852 3071 5062 (Available languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean)
    China: +86 400 120 2463 (Available languages: English and Mandarin)
    Korea: +82 2 2023 5736 (Available languages: English and Korean)

  • Some lounges are located beyond the security area.

  • Only applicable to cardmembers whose name is on the card.

  • Please refer to the local language explanations of the limitations applicable to cards issued in Indonesia, Myanmar, Russia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

For cardmembers with cards issued in Indonesia

For cardmembers with cards issued in Myanmar

For cardmembers with cards issued in Russia

For cardmembers with cards issued in Thailand

For cardmembers with cards issued in Vietnam

  • For information on the limitations of cards issued in India, the Philippines, and Singapore, please contact the bank that issued the card.

  • This information is current as of February 2020. Services may change or be terminated without prior notice.

Applicable Lounges


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