1961 Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) established

Osaka Credit Bureau (OCB) established

JCB established

JCB was established in January 1961 and two months later issued Japan's first credit card, compatible with the ISO standard. In May 1961 JCB also became the first private company in Japan to offer customers convenient automatic bank draft payment for credit card bills.

JCB Didirikan

The first JCB credit card

1968 JCB and OCB merged


1972 JCB cardmembers reach 1 million
1974 Annual sales volume exceeds 100 billion JPY
1978 Name changed to JCB Co., Ltd.

Credit card point program launched

First credit card point program in Japan

JCB's groundbreaking Joy Joy point reward program drew the attention of the entire industry. The program started with 1 point per card transaction plus 1 point for every 10,000 yen spent. Customers received point stamps with their credit card bill to collect and exchange for rewards such as the Sony Walkman.

Program poin kartu kredit pertama di Jepang

Joy Joy point reward advertisement


1980 JCB Travel Co., Ltd. established
JCB gift certificate services commenced
1981 Started international operation
JCB International Co., Ltd., established in Tokyo

JCB International (Asia) Ltd. established in Hong Kong

JCB as a global payment brand

As more and more Japanese tourists traveled abroad, Japan's credit card companies started issuing cards with US based international brands to secure acceptance abroad. JCB was the only one to decide to establish its own global acceptance and service network. The only global payment brand based in Japan was born form this decision to prioritize JCB brand independence.

JCB sebagai merek pembayaran global

Duty Free Shoppers in Hong Kong, The first JCB overseas merchant

1982 JCB Gold Card issuance commenced
Start issuing cards with magnetic stripe
Franchisee card business commenced
1983 JCB cardmembers reach 5 million
Annual sales volume exceeds 500 billion JPY
1984 First JCB Card issued outside Japan in Hong Kong
1986 Annual sales volume exceeds 1 trillion JPY
1987 JCB cardmembers reach 10 million
JCB International Credit Card Co., Ltd. established in USA
1988 Launched no-signature acceptance, the first in the industry in Japan
JCB International (Europe) Ltd. established in UK
1989 JCB Shopping and Dining Passport released
JCB Cards issued in USA


1990 JCB PLAZA services commenced (Paris)
JCB International (Italy) S.p.A. established
JCB International (Oceania) Pty Ltd. established in Australia
JCB International (Micronesia) Ltd. established in Guam
JCB Cards issued in UK and Thailand
1991 JCB International Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. established in Singapore
1993 JCB International (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. established
JCB Cards issued in Korea
1994 JCB Cards issued in Taiwan
1995 Japan Card Network Co., Ltd. established
JCB Cards issued in Germany, Singapore and Australia
1996 JCB Cards issued in Indonesia and Philippines
1997 JCB Cards issued in Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain
1999 JCB cardmembers outside Japan reach 1 million
Launched of J/Smart™ EMV compliant payment application
JCB Cards issued in New Zealand


2000 Announced aquiring partnership with American Express
JCB became a Corporate Marketing Partner of UNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN
JCB Cards issued in Malaysia
2001 J/Smart™ card issuance commenced
JCB International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. established
2004 Acquisition of ownership in EMVCo
Rollout of J/Secure™ payer authentication program
2005 Launch of QUICPay™ contactless payment
JCB Cards issued in Bahrain and Bulgaria
JCB Cards issued in China
Certified with BS7799
2006 Launched Diners Club Card acquiring operation in Japan with Citi Cards Japan, Inc.
J&J Business Development Corp., JCB Travel Co., Ltd., J&J Gift Co., Ltd. established with JTB
Alliance with Discover Financial Services
Foundation of PCI Security Standards Council, LLC. with 4 other payment brands
Launched UnionPay card acceptance on JCB’s ATM network in Japan

New JCB Brand Emblem is announced

JCB conveys trust and delivers expection

Emblem JCB Lama Emblem JCB Baru

Old JCB EmblemNew JCB Emblem

The JCB emblem consists of stylized 'S' characters in 3 colors representing Support, Strength and Sharing.

Support, Strength, dan Sharing

First commercial rollout of J/Speedy, the JCB contactless payment program

J/Speedy (current JCB Contactless)

JCB launched J/Speedy, global contactless payment service using NFC technology, global standards for proximity communication, and the EMV chip technology

J/Speedy (current JCB Contactless)

2008 JCB Cards issued in the UAE
2009 JCB Original Series Card issuance commenced
JCB Card International (Korea) Co., Ltd. established
JCB cardmembers outside Japan reach 5 million


2010 JCB International Business Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established
JCB overseas purchase protection service commenced
Launched merchant acquiring operation in Japan with China UnionPay
2011 JCB's 50th anniversary
PT. JCB International Indonesia established
JCB Cards issued in Vietnam
JCB cardmembers outside Japan exceed 10 million
2012 JCB International do Brasil Representação Comercial Ltda.(current JCB International do Brasil Administradora de Cartões de Pagamento Ltda.) established
2013 JCB cardmembers outside Japan exceed 15 million
2014 JCB International (Eurasia) LLC established in Russia
JCB Tottori Solution Center (JCB EQSe Co., Ltd.) established
JCB Cards issued in Laos
JCB Cards issued in Bangladesh
2015 JCB Cards issued in Austria
JCB Cards issued in Russia
JCB cardmembers outside Japan exceed 20 million

JCB PLAZA Kyoto opened


JCB PLAZA Kyoto was opened at Kyoto station as the second JCB PLAZA in Japan to provide unique JCB hospitality and travel support to the increasing number of visitors coming to Japan.

New brand message "Uniquely Yours" is announced
2016 JCB Cards issued in Pakistan
JCB Cards issued in Germany
JCB Cards issued in Myanmar
JCB Cards issued in Mongolia
2017 JCB CARD INTERNATIONAL (SOUTHASIA) Pte. Ltd. established in India
2018 JCB cards issued in Brazil
JCB cards issued in Cambodia
2019 JCB cardmembers outside Japan exceed 30 million
2020 JCB cards issued in India
JCB cards issued in Sri Lanka