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Who can use
the JCB Emblem?

The JCB Emblem is for display by merchants that accept JCB cards.

The logo that can be downloaded from this page is a registered trademark of JCB Co.,Ltd (referred to below as "JCB".) Only affiliate merchants authorized by contract with JCB, a JCB Group Card company or a JCB affiliate company may use the logo mark. Such merchants are strictly forbidden from giving, loaning, selling or otherwise disposing of the logo mark to a third party or from duplicating the logo mark.

Unauthorized persons may not receive, rent, use or duplicate the logo or copy thereof.

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    It may not display properly depending on your internet environment. Thank you for your understanding.

Usage of JCB Emblem

To display the JCB Emblem on their websites, JCB affiliated merchants are asked to use the logo in compliance with the notes below.

Terms & Conditions

  • Use the logo mark only for the purpose of showing that you are a JCB affiliated merchant.

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      Only displaying the logo does not mean that you have entered into an affiliation contract with JCB.

  • Do not remove the white edge of the emblem or change its height/width ratio design, color, text etc.

  • Do not insert the logo mark within headings or sentences.

  • When displaying the Logo Mark next to other company logos, do not make it smaller than the other logos.

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and Conditions above

JCB Emblem Download

Download the JCB Emblem

The JCB Emblem is provided in the following three sizes in GIF format.
Please copy the size you wish to use.

If a different size is desired, enlargement or reduction of the size must be done without changing the relative dimensions.
The logo must not be smaller than width 37 pixels.

Height 104 x Width 134pixels Height 67 x Width 86pixels Height 35 x Width 45 pixels
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Height 104 x Width 134pixels
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Height 67 x Width 86pixels
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Height 35 x Width 45 pixels
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