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JCB to Launch the JCB Ultimate Card for Affluent Chinese
September 29 2014
September 29, 2014, Tokyo: JCB International Co., Ltd. (JCBI), the international operations subsidiary of JCB Co., Ltd. ,is pleased to announce the launch of JCB Ultimate card, the highest-status JCB card in China, for the expanding market of affluent Chinese consumers. In mid-October, China CITIC Bank will start issuing the China CITIC JCB Ultimate Card to selected customers.

China CITIC Bank is part of the CITIC Group, a major state-owned conglomerate. The bank has a nationwide branch network and solid customer base, including a substantial affluent segment, and is actively expanding its card issuing business. China CITIC Bank has been steadily building JCB merchant network and cardmember base through long-term relationship with JCBI since 1991. The new Ultimate card is an important addition to the bank’s existing JCB product lineup of Standard, Gold and Platinum card.

China CITIC Bank JCB Ultimate Card is ranked as the highest-status JCB card in China. Primarily targeting business men and women traveling to Japan, the card provides special offers at luxury restaurants, apparel and brand shops in Japan as well as currency exchange at no surcharge, airport limo service and special rewards such as a Japan travel package for new cardmembers and those who spend a certain amount among its wide range of Japan-themed services.

JCB partner banks have been issuing JCB cards to China’s consumers since 2005. There are now approximately 10 million cards issued by 10 banks in China1. “As China’s economy has continued its rapid growth, the needs of the expanding affluent segment for credit cards have become even higher and more diverse. The new Ultimate card is designed to meet the demands of ultra-affluent customers for a higher status card with top quality services, making the card an important strategic product for JCB partner banks in the market,” said Koremitsu Sannomiya, President & COO of JCBI.

1 As of August 31 2014.

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