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JCB an Official Sponsor of China LPGA Tour
24 May 2012
Tokyo - 24 May 2012 - JCB International, the international operations subsidiary of JCB, the only international payment brand based in Japan, is pleased to announce that it has acquired an official sponsorship of the China LPGA Tour.

The China LPGA Tour was founded in 2009 and is officially sanctioned by the China Golf Association ("CGA"). The China LPGA Tour held 6 tournaments in 2009, 8 in 2010 and 12 in 2011 and is contributing greatly to the development of ladies professional golf in China. As ladies professional golf througout Asia draws more worldwide attention, the China LPGA is building the future of the sport in China.

JCBI's sponsorship rights include display of the JCB brand logo at the China LPGA tournaments, helping to increase brand awareness in China. Golf is slated to become an Olympic sport in 2016 and its popularity is growing among women in China as a fashion and lifestyle trend as affluent consumers continue to expand. JCB is proud to support the development of women's professional golf by sponsoring the China LPGA which is the only ladies professional golf tour officially sanctioned by the CGA while increasing exposure of the JCB brand to golf enthusiasts in China and around the world who follow China LPGA Tour championships. JCBI hopes to further support ladies professional golf with additional activities in the future.

Starting in 1982 JCB has been expanding card acceptance in partnership with leading banks in China. In 2000 JCB started its card issuance by licensing leading banks and financial institutions to issue JCB cards. Today 9 major banks are issuing JCB cards, with a total of more than 5 million JCB cards in the market.


FYI: Banks issuing JCB cards in China
2005 Bank of China
2005 Bank of Shanghai
2006 China Merchants Bank
2006 China Everbright Bank
2007 Shanghai Pudong Development Bank
2007 China Minsheng Banking Corporation
2008 Pingan Bank
2010 China Construction Bank
2012 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

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