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2010 JCB China Conference for JCB Brand Partners Held on Hainan Island
-  enhancing relationships with alliance partners and further strengthening the JCB brand in China -
11 November 2010
Tokyo, November 11, 2010 – JCB international subsidiary JCB International (JCBI) announced that it is hosting the 2010 JCB China Conference on Hainan Island, located in the South China Sea, from November 10 to November 12. Approximately 100 representatives from 15 JCB partner financial institutions and corporations across China were invited to participate in the event. The main conference sessions will be held today.

The credit card market in China is expanding rapidly, and JCBI aims to further strengthen its partnership with Chinese financial institutions at this conference. In addition to enhancing a mutual understanding of JCB brand strategy, JCBI will be sharing its experience built over half a century in the Japanese payment industry. Presentations by outside expert speakers will include an overview of the credit card issuing business in Taiwan, and a marketing analysis of Chinese visitors to Japan to support partners in China in enhancing their credit card business.

[Outline of the 2010 JCB China Conference]

1.Opening Speech: Koremitsu Sannomiya, President and COO, JCBI
2.Keynote Speech “JCB's strategy for expanding Chinese business": Hirohiko Sugiyama, President, JCB International China
3.Outside Expert Speakers
 “Issuing business in Taiwan": Jung-Cheng Kao, EVP, Hua Nan Commercial Bank
 “Present analysis and future trends in Chinese visitors to Japan"
          Yasunori Kyozu, General Manager, Japan Association of Travel Agents
 ・JCB brand promotion and marketing
 ・JCB's approach to affluent consumers in Japan

Since 1982, JCB and JCBI have been expanding JCB card acceptance in China to increase convenience for JCB cardmembers. Currently JCB has alliances with eleven partner banks and financial institutions for merchant acquiring, and approximately 100,000 merchants now accept JCB cards for payment. JCB brand card issuing to consumers in China has also been expanding since 2005, with eight partner banks now meeting the growing needs of the market for international credit cards. The cardmember base in China will soon exceed 4 million. JCB and JCBI will continue expanding and enhancing high-quality services to meet the diverse needs and lifestyles of China's consumers.

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