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JCB Appoints Takao Kawanishi as President and Chief Executive Officer Succeeding Tamio Takakura: Takakura Named Chairman
29 June 2010
Tokyo, Japan, Jun 29, 2010 - JCB Co., Ltd. (JCB), the brand holder of the JCB international payment brand, today announced the appointment of Takao Kawanishi as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at its shareholders' meeting in Tokyo held on June 28, 2010 with immediate effect. Mr. Kawanishi succeeds Tamio Takakura, who had served as JCB's President and CEO for the past 3 years. Mr. Takakura continues to serve JCB as the company's Chairman.

Mr. Kawanishi joined JCB in an advisory capacity in May 2010 from the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd., where he served as Deputy President since April 2008. He has an in-depth expertise and broad experience gained in his 38 years in the banking industry, starting with the Sanwa Bank, Limited, followed by UFJ Holdings, Inc., UFJ Bank, Ltd., and the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. Before joining JCB, Mr. Kawanishi held a number of senior management roles including Managing Director since 2006, Senior Managing Director since 2007, and the most recent responsibility as Deputy President in the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.

JCB International Co., Ltd. (JCBI) also announced the appointment of Mr. Kawanishi as Vice Chairman at its shareholders' meeting held today effective immediately. Mr. Tamio Takakura, Chairman and CEO, and Mr. Koremitsu Sannomiya, President and Chief Operating Officer, will both remain in their current roles.

JCBI, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a wholly owned subsidiary of JCB Co., Ltd. also headquartered in Tokyo, Japan's only international credit card brand holder. Aiming to expand the distribution of JCB cards and card acceptance globally, JCB established JCBI in 1981 to carry out operations related to the JCB brand, cards, and merchants outside Japan. JCB Co., Ltd. is a major issuer of JCB cards and acquirer of JCB merchants as well as the brand holder. Under the leadership of the strong management team including Mr. Takakura, the newly named Mr. Kawanishi, and Mr. Sannomiya, JCBI, together with JCB Co., Ltd., continues to strengthen the JCB cardmenber base and card acceptance globally by enhancing alliances with partner banks, corporations, and institutions worldwide.

About Takao Kawanishi

Date of Birth: November 23, 1948
Mar. 1972 Graduated from Kyoto University, Faculty of economics, Bachelors Degree
Apr. 1972 Joined The Sanwa Bank, Ltd.
Jun. 1994 Appointed as General Manager of Hongo Branch
Jun. 1999 Appointed as Executive Officer and General Manager of Nagoya Branch
Apr. 2001 Appointed as Executive Officer and General Manager of Human Resources Department of UFJ Holdings, Inc.
Jan. 2002 Appointed as Senior Executive Officer of Human Resources Department and General Affairs & Premises Department of UFJ Bank Ltd.
May. 2003 Appointed as Senior Executive Officer of Human Resources Department and General Affairs & Premises Department
May. 2004 Appointed as Representative Director, Senior Executive Officer and Deputy Head of Corporate Banking Division
Jan. 2006 Apponted as Managing Director of The Bank of Tokyo-Mitubishi UFJ, Ltd.
Oct. 2007 Appointed as Senior Managing Director
Apr. 2008 Appointed as Deputy President of The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd., and Senior Executive Officer of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.
May. 2010 Joined JCB Co., Ltd (JCB) as adviser.
Jun. 2010 Appointed as President and Chief Executive Officer of JCB, also appointed as Vice Chairman of JCB International Co., Ltd., a JCB subsidiary.

About JCB

JCB is a major global payment brand and leading credit card issuer and acquirer in Japan. JCB launched its card business in Japan in 1961 and began expanding overseas in 1981. Its acceptance network includes 16.41 million merchants and over a million cash advance locations in 190 countries and territories. JCB cards are now issued in 18 countries and territories, with more than 64.21 million cardmembers. As part of its international growth strategy, JCB has formed alliances with more than 350 leading banks and financial institutions globally to increase merchant coverage and cardmember base. As a comprehensive payment solution provider, JCB commits to provide responsive and high-quality service and products to all customers worldwide. For more information, visit: .

Note: JCB statistics included in About JCB are as of the end of March 2010. 

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