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JCB Presents the 11th JCB World Conference "JCB - Your Partner in the Global Payments Revolution"
190 partner companies from 27 countries and territories gather in Miyazaki, Japan, to share JCB brand strategy -
27 October 2009

Tokyo, October 27, 2009 - JCB, the major global payment brand, and international subsidiary JCB International (JCBI) are hosting the 11th JCB World Conference from 26 to 28 October at the Phoenix Seagaia Resort in Miyazaki Japan for 400 representatives from 190 JCB partner companies and financial institutions in 27 countries and territories.

The objective of the JCB World Conference is to bring together JCB business partners from around the world to share JCB brand strategy and the direction of future global expansion, and to develop new ties and enhance partnerships. The JCB World Conference has been held once every two years since 1988, and features speeches by executives from partner financial institutions around the world and other industry leaders, as well as introducing the latest solutions in payment systems. The conference is also designed to create opportunities for participants to share information and exchange opinions.

The theme of the 11th JCB World Conference is "JCB - Your Partner in the Global Payments Revolution". JCB brand direction and global strategy is based on the current shift in the world payment market to emerging local economies and regional players.

Outline of JCB President & CEO Tamio Takakura's speech

1. Analysis of payment market
World payment market
- Diversification of the world economy: From US-led world economy to an age of growing local economies.
- Paradigm shift: Emerging regional players and international expansion.
Japan payment market
- Unique positioning in the world card market: Mature economy and card payment's low share of total consumer payments compared to other developed economies.
- Fiercer competition and consolidation of the payment industry: Drop in consumer spending after "Lehman Shock" and regulatory amendments drive change in card company business model.
- Advanced payment technologies: Contactless payment (tolls, public transport), mobile payments, biometric authentication.
- JCB initiatives in Japan
- Sponsorships and partnership with entertainment industry leaders: Creating attractive added-value beyond a payment method.
- JCB Plaza: Embodiment of the JCB brand service philosophy.
- Full upgrade of systems infrastructure: Supporting partners' processing needs.

2. JCB brand strategy
[Basic strategy]
- Forging alliances with emerging regional players aiming to be a unique brand partner, to be chosen by the customer.
- Contributing to partners' business with the "JCB Way": Japan-style hospitality, challenging spirit, and JCB's business diversity.
[Specific initiatives]
- Expand cardmember base: Promote JCB with "Japan" theme in China and rest of Asia.
- Expand global acceptance network: Increase JCB acceptance in the USA.
- Expand brand through joint venture companies: Joint venture with local partner in the Middle East.
- Increase cardmember market share in Japan and build stronger brand presence: A broad review of brand services and products, including giving brand members broader access.

The keynote address will be given by Mr. Motoshige Itoh, Professor, Faculty of Economics, the University of Tokyo on the topic of the current upheaval in economic trends and the requirements for corporate survival. Other speakers from JCB's valued partner corporations representing various regions include: Discover Financial Services from the United States, Majid Al Futtaim Ventures from the United Arab Emirates, China Minsheng Bank Corp., Ltd. from China, East Japan Railway Company from Japan. JCB is also honored to have speakers from: The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd. and European Central Bank.

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