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JCB Partner Forum Held in China With JCB's Twenty Brand Partners Invited: enhancing relationship with Chinese partners and further strengthening JCB Brand in China
11 March 2009

  Tokyo, March 11, 2009 - JCB and its international subsidiary JCB International (JCBI) announced today that a JCB Partner Forum is being held in Beijing on March 12 and Shanghai on March 13. JCB and JCBI have invited approximately 200 representatives from 20 JCB partner financial institutions and corporations across China to participate in the event.

  At the forum JCB and JCBI will be sharing the expertise they have built over more than 40 years of experience in the payment industry to support partners in China in enhancing their credit card business, as well as creating a common understanding of the JCB brand direction and strategy for the future, further strengthening the partnership with JCB and JCBI.

  In addition to detailing strategies for the credit card business in China, sessions will be held in three specific areas requested by JCB partners, including case studies in Japan and the chance for exchange of information and opinion between JCB and JCB partner representatives.

[Outline of JCB Partner Forum]
1. JCB Brand Strategy
 On promotional strategy
2. Outside Expert Speaker
 "Chinese Women's Consumption Psychology and Trends", Feng Qingzhu, CTR Market Research
3. Area Sessions
 - Card use promotions (point programs, cardmember online shopping malls)
 - Making JCB the customer's main card (cardmember premiums and benefits)
 - Credit management (initial credit line, subsequent credit increases)

  JCB has held 10 JCB World Conferences designed to share global strategy and strengthen relationships between JCB and its partners worldwide.
  Now that the number of JCB cardmembers in China has grown to over two million, JCB is holding the JCB Partner Forum in response to the need to create marketing strategy grounded in the local China market. JCB is committed to supporting its partners in building their card business through a level of support unmatched by the other brands, providing expertise and suggesting solutions specifically designed for the needs of each partner, and opportunities such as this Forum to strengthen business relationships.

  JCB and JCBI, as the JCB international payment brand, will continue working with partners in China to expand brand services and to contribute to the development of the China credit card market.

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