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JCB Appoints New President & Chief Executive Officer
27 June 2007

JCB Co., Ltd, (JCB) announced the appointment of Tamio Takakura as President and Chief Executive Officer(CEO) at its annual shareholders' meeting in Tokyo held on June 26, effective immediately.  Mr. Takakura succeeds Hiroya Nobuhara who had served as JCB's President and CEO for the past 4 years.  Prior to this appointment, Mr. Takakura had been JCB's Deputy President since 2002.  Before joining JCB, his career included close to 10 years of international banking management positions at the former Sanwa Bank.  Mr. Nobuhara is retiring after 4 years of leadership at JCB as President and CEO having made substantial contributions to expand its wide-ranging business as a payment solution provider.

JCB International Co., Ltd.(JCBI), the wholly owned subsidiary of JCB for overseas business, also announced management changes at its annual shareholders' meeting in Tokyo held on June 27, Mr. Takakura succeeds Mr. Nobuhara as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of JCBI, Kenji Seto, formerly Senior Deputy President, is appointed as President and Chief Operating Officer(COO), Mr. Seto joined JCB in 2005 and JCBI in 2006, bringing 15 years of experience in the international banking industry at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Kunio Yoshizawa, who held the position of President and COO of JCBI for the past 4 years, is retiring after 13 years of dedication to the growth of JCB's presence in the overseas market.  These appointments are also made with immediate effect.

About JCB
JCB is a major global payment brand and leading credit card issuer and acquirer in Japan.  JCB launched its card business in Japan in 1961 and began expanding overseas in 1981.  Its merchant network includes 13.5 million merchants and spans 190 countries and territories.  JCB cards are now issued in 20 countries and territories, with more than 55.75 million cardmembers.  As part of its international growth strategy, JCB has formed alliances with more than 350 leading banks and financial institutions globally to increase merchant coverage and cardmember base.  As a comprehensive payment solution provider, JCB commits to provide responsive and high-quality service and products to all customers worldwide.  For more information, visit:

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