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JCB's 10th World Conference Held in Honolulu
14 November 2006

Tokyo, November 14, 2006- JCB, a major global payment brand, announces that the 10th JCB World Conference is being held from November 13th to 15th in Honolulu. With a theme of 'Working Together to Shape the Future of Payments', JCB is hosting 500 guests from 195 business partner organizations in 36 countries and territories worldwide. JCB is taking advantage of this global event to strengthen ties and encourage cooperation with its partners from around the world.

"The objective of the JCB World Conference is to bring our business partners together from all over the world, sharing JCB's strategies with them, and developing together the directions that we will take for further global expansion", said Mr. Hiroya Nobuhara, president and CEO of JCB. "With deep gratitude for their cooperation with JCB, we receive our esteemed partners every two years in different cities around the world. In 2006 we chose Hawaii to celebrate our 10th World Conference, thanks to the support of the many people here related to the JCB business."

 Mr. Kunio Yoshizawa, president and COO of JCB International added, "This year we are focusing on our theme, 'Working Together to Shape the Future of Payments'. Aiming at mutual prosperity, JCB encourages working together with our partners towards merchant network and issuing business expansion. At this 10th World Conference, we hope all invited guests will also enjoy getting opportunities to exchange informations with each other."

JCB, a leading credit card company in Japan, will provide latest information on a range of current payment solutions, including contactless smart card technology and mobile payment solutions, through demonstrations and presentations at the conference. JCB hopes that participants will experience the state of art technology, and share the company's enthusiasm for the broad possibilities provided through next generation payment solutions. JCB will also be introducing its guiding policies as a global payment brand.

As a guest speaker, JCB is honored to invite Mr. John D. Hawke, Jr., former United States Comptroller of the Currency. Mr. Mufi Hannemann, Mayor of Honolulu City is also delivering a welcome message to the participants.

JCB's Guiding Policies as a Global Payment Brand

1.  Towards the Japanese Market
       i) Extend the Frontiers of Card Payment:
                      Micro Payment Market and Payment to Government Market
       ii) Increase the Amount Payable by Credit Card
                      Product Development to Match Life-Style
                      One-to-One Marketing

2.  Towards the Global Market
       i) Expansion of JCB Licensee Issuing in Asia
       ii) Expansion of the JCB Acceptance Network in Americas and EMEA
       iii) Strengthening Payment Security with Other Major Payment Brands

3.  As a Global Payment Brand
       i) Evolution into a Comprehensive Payment Solutions Provider
       ii) Strengthening Relationships with Alliance Partners: A Brand Through Dialogue    
       iii) Value Improvement of the JCB Brand: Concrete Presentation and Implementation of Action

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