JUN 20, 2017

New KBank JCB Credit Card for Japan Enthusiasts and Travelers

June 20,2017

KBank and JCB International (JCBI), the international operations subsidiary of JCB Co., Ltd., have introduced the "KBank JCB Credit Card” to accommodate Japanese culture and lifestyles. A wide range of attractive privileges are offered, with first-year targets of 100,000 cards and spending of 2 billion Baht.

Mr. Pipit Aneaknithi, KBank President, said the popularity of Japan has continued to flourish in Thailand. Being among the most-visited destinations of Thai travelers, Japan welcomed 900,000 tourists from Thailand in 2016, generating the sixth-highest tourism receipts of worldwide visitors. In addition to their charming shopping venues and unique cultural tourism sites, appealing marketing activities and promotional campaigns have been added as attractions for Thai customers. Last year, spending in Japan via K-Credit Card amounted to approximately 3.3 billion Baht, with accommodations, apparel and retail merchandise ranked as the top three spending categories. Japan is therefore an interesting market.

On account of all this, KBank has partnered with JCBI to launch the KBank JCB Credit Card under the concept, “Superb Deals! for Japan Lovers”. There are Platinum, Gold and Classic cards, beautifully designed in a modern Japanese style. More fun is found with card envelopes in a Moire' pattern that is animated when the card is pulled out of the envelope, unique among credit cards in Thailand. A target of 100,000 new cards has been set for the card's initial year, with total card spending of 2 billion Baht.

The KBank JCB Credit Card offers multiple exclusive privileges selected for Japan lovers to enjoy their experiences both in Thailand and Japan. Cardholders, especially career people, who prefer Japanese food or shopping for Japanese brands, will get many more discounts and special offers from airlines, hotels and leading stores, which can be divided into three categories as follows.

J-Highlighto: Scores of unique privileges are offered, such as 2x KBank Reward Points for any spending in Japan without minimum amount, zero-percent installment payment up to 10 months for purchase of air tickets and package tours to Japan with Majestic Travel, a discount of 0.15 Baht for every 100 Yen purchased with Thai Baht using the KBank JCB Credit Card at any KBank branch or Foreign Exchange Booth (excluding Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang International Airport branches), as well as the use of airport lounge services worldwide.

J-Discounto: Japan enthusiasts in Thailand can enjoy numerous discounts when spending with the KBank JCB Credit Card in dining, shopping and travel categories. For instance, they may get up to a 20-percent discount on foods at participating Japanese restaurants or with leading Japanese brands, specially-priced packaged foods, mobile Wi-Fi rental at a special rate, and cheaper Cathay Pacific air tickets, or they may redeem their accumulated points for extra discounts at leading department stores.

J-Benefito: These include discounts, special reward points and other privileges at well-known shopping malls, retail and drug stores, such as Matsuya, Takeya, Big Camera, Marui, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Sundrug, Sapporo Drug Store, Tsuruha Drug Store, Kirindo, and Big Drug, as well as personal accident insurance coverage of up to 8 million Baht.

Mr. Kimihisa Imada, President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of JCB International Co., Ltd., said that Thailand is one of JCB's top destinations for business expansion and service provision to JCB credit cardholders, because of the growing popularity of Japanese culture in Thailand. The present cooperation with KBank is an important step for JCB's business strategy in Thailand, given that KBank is the market leader in the merchant business and credit card spending, as well as being JCB's strong business partner. This cooperation will offer KBank JCB credit cardholders greater convenience in spending and traveling in both Thailand and Japan, as well.

Currently, as JCB's paying agent, JCB cards are issued in 23 countries and territories, with a combined total of 105 million cards. Cooperating with business partners is one of JCB's strategies to bolster business growth. As a provider of payment solutions, JCB is committed to offering superior products and services to its customers globally. The company has formed partnerships with hundreds of leading banks and financial institutions worldwide to expand its credit card and merchant bases.