Japan Guide

JCB Japan Guide is a free app presented by JCB.
This application supports you when you travel to Japan by offering tourist and other useful information,
and lets you find special offers for JCB Card. Be sure to use this application when you visit Japan.


JCB Japan Guide

JCB Japan Guide Features

Feature 1: Special Offers

Find special offers such as discounts and free drinks with no data roaming charges.

Feature 2: Convenient

Quick access to useful information such as ATMs and the latest news from JCB.

Feature 3: Peace of Mind

Find out about convenient and helpful JCB Overseas Services. JCB supports you in an emergency.

How to Download

You can download JCB Japan Guide for FREE.

App Store

App Store

Google Play

Google Play


  • All JCB Cardmembers can use this application no matter where your JCB Card is issued.

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