MUSLIM FRIENDLY Japan Privilege Guide

MUSLIM FRIENDLY Japan Privilege Guide

Campaign Overview

During the promotion period, visit Muslim Friendly restaurants and use your JCB card to receive privileges.

You can find the Privilege Merchant List here! (1.5MB)

Campaign Period

November 1, 2019 - October 31, 2020

Member Availability

Credit Card

Debit Card

Prepaid Card

How to participate

Please download the coupon and either print it off or display it on your mobile device, then show it to the restaurant staff.


  • This information is accurate as of October 2019. The information is subject to amendment without prior notice, and there may be cases in which individual stores change or terminate the preferential services. However, since special offers and services are provided by participating stores, JCB Co., Ltd. assumes no responsibility for their contents or quality.

  • Unless otherwise noted, each preferential service listed herein can only be used once and is limited to one JCB cardholder.

  • This promotion will not apply if it is requested after payment has been settled or if different prices have been negotiated, etc.

  • These preferential services cannot be used in conjunction with other privileges.

  • The preferential services may not apply to discounted products or during discount sales periods, etc.

  • The stated price does not include tax or service charges.

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