Get a discount on Japanese products at J's Agri

Get a discount on Japanese products at J's Agri

Campaign Overview

J's Agri delivers selected Japanese food products that are tasty, sweet, and have a rich texture. Shipped directly from the farm in Japan. Transported by air for freshness.

Enter the coupon exclusive to JCB cardmembers to get a 10% discount when you make a purchase at J's Agri with your JCB card.
You can also enjoy this offer with the Airport Delivery Service.

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    For the Airport Delivery Service, you must be subscribed to the website in advance to get the 10% discount. This offer does not apply to physical purchases made in-store.

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    This special offer is provided by JTB Corp, Furusato Development Branch.

Campaign Period

January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019

How to Participate

  • Sign up on J's Agri.

  • Enter the consignee information and payment method. On the "CONFIRM" screen, enter the coupon code exclusive to JCB cardmembers into the [Coupon Number] field and press the "Validate" button.

Coupon Code: 06R3W4DV

  • The 10% discount will be applied to the cost of the item. Use your JCB card to pay and complete the purchase.

J's Agri


  • JCB cards issued outside Japan are eligible for this special offer.

  • Neither the right to participate in this special offer nor the Coupon Code may be exchanged for cash or given to another person.

  • You must enter the JCB coupon code and pay with your JCB card to receive the special offer.

  • The special offer cannot be combined with any other campaign, coupon or discount.

  • Be sure to check that the discount has been applied before you pay. Please be aware that no refund will be made after payment, even if you believe that the special offer was not applied correctly.

  • J's Agri is produced by JTB Corp, Furusato Development Branch.

  • JCB is only providing information about the special offer. JCB is not responsible for any loss of lost or damaged goods.

  • Be sure to read the information on the J's Agri website before ordering.

  • This information is correct as of December 2018.