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If you’re confused while sightseeing in Kyoto, visit here for help!

I made up my mind to say goodbye to her with smile, so before leaving Kyoto, I visited “JCB PLAZA Kyoto” at Kyoto station. Actually, this was the first place I visited after I’d arrived at Kyoto. Kyoto is one of the biggest sightseeing spots in Japan so there are lots to see, but at the same time, I wondered where I should visit. Actually every staff at “JCB PLAZA Kyoto” is all experts of Kyoto, and they offer the tourists from overseas various information including recommended sightseeing tips, arrangement on the popular hotels and restaurants, as well as information on JCB merchants where special services available for JCB card members. If you are a member of JCB card, you can use “JCB PLAZA” for free. Some of the staff are fluent in English, Chinese or Korean, therefore nothing to worry about language. It’s convenient so I visited ”JCB PLAZA Kyoto”, then I met a girl with lovely smile sitting over the counter.

Beginning of love … at the place taught me how to enjoy Kyoto!

A man and a woman, seeing each other with smile. Besides, I’m a nice guy! This must be a feeling of love … don’t you think so? Well, sorry for disappointing your expectation. She was great but I was a traveler who would leave Japan sooner or later, therefore we were destined to part ways. As a mature man, I couldn’t do anything that would hurt her. So I pretended not to notice her feeling. She was so dedicated and gave me good advice. It was her who recommended “Taizo-in at Myoshinji Temple”, which was fascinating. She also taught me that “Oideyasu” in Kyoto-ben (Kyoto dialect) means “Welcome”. Wherever I went, people said to me “Oideyasu” and I knew its meaning, so I felt happy. So before I leave Kyoto, I wanted to thank her for making my trip more fun. Oh, no, there wasn’t any secret intention. Absolutely not. Well, of course, new love could be a great solution to recover from broken heart though… I just simply wanted to say my thank you to her. Ha ha ha.

I was nervous… but “Thanks ” to the staff for his kindness!

Imagining of her surprised face after seeing me again, I dashed into “JCB PLAZA Kyoto”. But I couldn’t find her. I thought that she was taking a short break from work, so I decided to wait for a while. At “JCB PLAZA Kyoto”, you can use internet service and Wi-Fi for free of charge, so time passes quickly. However, in 30 minutes, she had not shown up. So I became anxious. As you know, I tend to show my feeling easily. My ex-girlfriend once praised me that I was honest like a kid. Then a male staff spoke to me, perhaps he thought that I had lost my JCB card or something. Here’s the place where they provide services for those who had lost their card, so he may have thought I was one of them. He was friendly, so I asked him about the girl. Was I able to smile nicely when he regretfully said that she had gone on vacation for two weeks from today?

Tasting three-colored dumplings … I’ll be back again!

So, that’s why I’m eating these dango (three-colored dumplings.) I bought the fresh ones to express my appreciation to her, but they would be hard as rock after two weeks, right? Well, no, no, I didn’t go on binges because of my broken heart! And somehow, I spent a long time at “JCB PLAZA Kyoto”. I got bit nervous because my plan had gone wrong, and the male staff spoke to me again. He explained to me how to get to Osaka by train and even told his recommended dining spot, so it was okay after all! And then he and I got along, I talked to him how I got fascinated by the garden of “Taizo-in at Myoshinji Temple”. Then he showed me a picture of beautiful pink cherry blossoms, saying “those cherry blossoms blooming in spring look gorgeous”. It looked really breathtaking. I even imagined the girl and me watching the cherry blossoms together, and made up my mind to visit Kyoto again in the future. Oh, do you think my standing posture is cool? It’s not my fault, really. Ha ha ha.

OMOTENASHI JCB [ JCB card members only ] Win a nice gift, then say goodbye to Kyoto with smile!

Leaving “JCB PLAZA Kyoto”, I headed to the entrance of Kyoto station for Osaka. Why? Because I was in tears when I got alone. It was not because of my broken heart, no! It was sad that I couldn’t see her, but I shed tears because of the kindness by people I met while my traveling! I put my hand into a pocket for handkerchief to wipe my tears, but instead, I accidentally picked the receipts of what I spent in Kyoto! I was wondering why these were in my pocket. Then I realized that I was collecting them for applying the campaign of wonderful giveaways at “JCB PLAZA Kyoto”! So I let the tears go by, and returned to “JCB PLAZA Kyoto”. I thought I might not be able to go to Osaka today, but my anxiety was gone when I imagined the kind staff there. Ha ha ha. Hope I will get a nice prize!

[Shooting Location]: JCB PLAZA Kyoto
Address: Inside Kyoto Station Building across from the entrance to Kyoto Theater
*Please call JCB Plaza Call Center (toll free number list).